About me

I’m Harry Key, which should come as no surprise to you. I live in London and work as a provocative speech and confidence coach. I help people find a presence that is congruent, comfortable and confident.

Harry_Vanity_PicI grew up in Australia, where I studied theatre and my navel. At 22, I left Australia, bought a motorbike, and rode around India. I ran totally out of money and enamoured with the idea of fame, became a Bollywood actor and voice artist.

I stayed there for 5 years and had a great time making movies, TV shows and commercials, shooting people, riding (and falling off) horses, twiddling dastardly, glued-on moustaches; and flexing my waxed physique for infomercials that sold useless plastic placebos to gullible overweight people. Despite my worldwide infomercial successes, fame eluded me. I did learn a love for Indian people and their culture – I even speak Hindi pretty fluently.

That less-trodden path (which also briefly includes fixing bikes in Nepal; oyster, sheep, cattle, and sugar cane farming; working as a law clerk; doing market research; selling, planning and MC’ing Indian weddings) has equipped me with some unique insights into personal presence and adaptability.

I developed a drive and discovered a talent for coaching under the tutelage of renowned NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer Sue Knight, who has become a personal mentor and an amazing influence in my life. Much of Sue’s work from that field is present in my approach, along with a whole load of personal experiences.

Sue introduced me to Frank Farrelly’s work on ‘Provocative Therapy’, which involves helping people get the perspective to shake unhelpful patterns by laughing at blunt, caring, and skillfully delivered feedback. I am obsessed with what I now call ‘Provocative Style’ and left India to pursue that passion. I have found that being caring and confident and willing to laugh at oneself is a useful way to live life.

Being comfortable being you attracts attention and inspires respect – so I work at inspiring those talents in people.

I now live in London where I have set up an interesting coaching business, training everyone from children (the whole gamut from special needs to gifted), private clients, charitable organisations and companies including MTV, BBC Worldwide, Channel 4 and others – my specialisation being in the area of speech and confidence.