Barry Schwartz talks about the paradox of choice

May 16, 2011 in Ignite, TED talks by

Since this old TED talk from Dan Gilbert about what makes us happy, I’ve often been wondering about the apparent contradiction – of our desire to choose, and to have choices available to us, versus the paralysis that choice can cause.

Since coming across some bits of research that suggest we invariably regret the things we didn’t do far more keenly than the things we did, Dan’s talk made me wonder: Surely in an environment where we’re inundated with choices, any decision we make is going to lead to immediate feelings of regret – because we’re choosing one product, one brand of margarine, and rejecting hundreds of others.

Typical buyers remorse eh?

Though a bit of choice couldn’t be hard. I recon Barry Schwartz could have chosen to wear some trousers and a nice shirt without running the risk of experiencing too much regret…