One-on-one coaching

If you’re looking for a focused touch, consider arranging some one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions will focus on developing your presence, whether that be around presenting and public speaking, or persuasion and interpersonal skills. Subject to a chemistry session (where we meet and decide if we want to work together), we’ll arrange a few sessions (ideally around 5) and get to work.

These coaching sessions will often require you to stand up, move around, say strange things, to argue with me, and make funny sounds (to stretch you and expand your comfort zone) so if you’re booking the room, privacy is important. Naturally, everything that happens in the coaching sessions is treated as confidential.

  • Voice/speech/presentation skills – So you can feel comfortable while giving excellent presentations and speeches
  • Personal impact – Finding ways to walk and talk and stand and deliver ideas so they’re heard
  • Persuasion – Getting people to do what you say, by making them want to do what you say.
  • Confidence – Developing that feeling of assuredness that comes from experience.
  • Assertiveness – Learning to say no, and developing techniques to ask for what you want.
  • Getting to the point – Getting past jargon and right the the core of your message.

If you’d like to arrange coaching for yourself or your people, get in touch. The sessions are usually just under two hours long. Bulk discounts apply.

Please Note: Avoid booking these sessions if you think there’s something you need to ‘fix’; and to HR managers, please ensure people aren’t being ‘sent’ for coaching. Sessions are much more effective when they focus on what you do well, to work at strengthening your strengths rather than eradicating your weaknesses. People who are pushed into coaching will sometimes (often subconsciously) seek to sabotage their success, to see it fail to prove themselves right, and you wrong. That costs you money, wastes their time, and ruins my day. More importantly, this kind of ‘problem-focused’ confidence coaching is often a weak half-way step towards psychotherapy, which is best administered by trained professionals.

People who ask for coaching, and make sacrifices to work at improving themselves are the people who get the most from coaching (and from life).