Key Impact Workshop Feedback

Hello! You’ve probably been directed to this page because you were a delegate in a recent Key Impact workshop, and we’d like your feedback. If you haven’t recently (or ever) attended a workshop from us/me, then you’re probably here by accident, and please don’t fill in this form. It’d be a waste of your time, and your answers won’t make any sense.


Firstly, thanks so much for choosing to do this. It’s quite difficult to explain how useful this feedback is to getting better at what we do, through understanding what it is that we do well, and recognising and fixing what we’re doing poorly. It is so useful, so all I can say is thanks. It’s only 10 questions, and you may answer as many or as few questions as you choose.

Your answers are anonymous. Sure, by looking at the date when you’re filling it out and the title of workshop you attended, we may get an idea for which workshop you were in, but unless you choose to identify yourself (which in some cases can make your feedback more useful to us), we’ll have no idea who you are. We may sometimes use some of these answers in our promotional material or with feedback to your HR department, but whether you identify yourself or not in the survey, when we do that we’ll never include your name or anything that could be used to identify you.

In the last question, we invite you to identify yourself if you’d like to leave a Linkedin recommendation. These are really useful for us developing our business and demonstrating our value to other potential delegates; and in using your words to describe how we work (which, I hope you’ll agree, is not like a ‘normal’ coach or trainer). If you would like to leave a Linkedin recommendation, but don’t want to leave your details on the survey, feel free to get in touch and say so (which you can also use to contact us/me for any other reason).


– Harry

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