Piers Morgan versus Ben Shapiro on Gun control: A dirn good debate

June 24, 2013 in Rants, Raves by

I’m sure we all love a good debate – and this one is a stonker. Ben Shapiro handles himself beautifully, adeptly making serious points, dodging Piers Morgan’s dirtier tactics and really just trouncing the guy. It’s a joy to wach, and ever more so because Shapiro does a whopping dirn early on.

In Ben Shapiro’s first point he says:

“What you do, and I’ve seen you do this repeatedly, […] is you tend to demonise people who differ from you politically, by standing on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook”

Now that may be true, there are probably many clips of Piers doing this, but the point is: He had not done it in this argument. At least not yet. Shapiro has put Piers into that position, created this visceral imagery of Morgan standing on children’s graves. In doing so, Shapiro is the one summoning this image; he is the one using the tragedy to win points in a debate; and by doing so he is demonizing Piers Morgan.

While claiming Piers uses the deaths of children to win points in arguments and demonise the enemy; Shapiro uses exactly the same tactic to demonise piers. He’s Doing It Right Now. That’s a dirn.

That being said: It’s still a valid point. Piers regularly does use appeals to emotion (rather than logical arguments) to press his agenda. With his dirn, Shapiro wins early points and put Piers on the back foot, causing him to make even more emotional appeals (“How dare you!”) in an attempt to regain the upper hand. Morgan is continually interrupting and speaking over Shapiro, and then in an apparent act of desperation, accuses the guest on his show of bullying him. Shapiro deftly points out that ridiculousness, and with each point that passes Shapiro wins more and more. By the end Morgan obviously feels himself to be intellectually outpaced, and ends the interview without even summing up.

That’s dirning for the win! #DIRNFTW