This area is primarily for delegates who’ve been on a workshop, coaching clients, and people who are reading ‘Speak for Yourself’. But, if you’re here nosing around looking for freebies, you’ve found them!

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TED talks:

Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on Power Poses:

Dan Gilbert’s TED talk on what makes us happy:

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on Flow

Reading list:

NLP at Work – by my mentor Sue Knight. Hopefully you’ll notice a lot of similarities in my book from the ideas I’ve picked up from her.

List Price: £14.99 GBP
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Provocative Therapy by the late Frank Farrelly. It was learning of his amazing work through Sue Knight that convinced me to leave acting and become a coach (mainly because it gave me permission to say and do outrageous things).

59 Seconds – Professor Richard Wiseman. I mention this book a few times, it’s really well written and useful, scientifically proven advice.

The ‘As If’ Principle – Another book by Wiseman, this offers a strong evidence base for the bizarre claims I make about behaviour altering mood and outlook (rather than the other way around). Very useful, I wish I’d read it long before I started writing my book, or not at all!

List Price: £20.35 GBP
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A book about ‘Flow’, which is an idea I have taken (and slightly adjusted) from the groundbreaking work of Mihaly Csecondnamealsoendswithaly (his TED talk on the subject is above)

Dynamic Breathing – this book offers a more in-depth description of what happens in our lungs (and whole body) when we breathe, and exercises for handling anxiety and asthma.

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Derren Brown – because what he does is amazing. Watching his work lead me to study NLP and seek to ask more questions about psychology and human beliefs and behaviour.