Take a deep breath

October 28, 2010 in Confidence, NLP, Raves, Speech by

I sometimes run a voice session and someone says ‘Nobody listens to me’ and I usually say ‘You’re right. Moving on…’

So  relax. Learn to breathe in a calming way that demands respect…

And as you relax...

Some people think that ideas should be weighed based on their merit, just as there are people who think that we should judge people on their personality rather than their looks.

Well that’s a wonderful thing to believe if you’re softly spoken, poorly dressed and shockingly obese, but sadly it’s just not true.

If you’ve got a good personality, then parade it in a way that says: ‘I’m worth talking to.’ If you’ve got good ideas, speak them in a way that says ‘I’m worth listening to’.

You don’t always need to be loud, that’s just annoying. It’s about having the range of behaviour to match the situation, acheive your results. When you’re with your beloved you don’t scream sweet nothings in their ear, and when you’re in a club don’t mumble like a muppet.

If you’re going to present your ideas to an audience – when you have a nervous war of gasses going on in your belly that makes you want to do a poo right before your presentation, that’s when you need to take control of your physiology and assert yourself. If you can’t control your own inner state, how are you going to affect theirs?

Breathe through your nose, into your stomach. Feel your belly go out as you breathe in. Watch yourself in the mirror: Shoulders relaxed, as low as they can go. No movement in the chest. Breathe in through your nose, into your stomach, then out, out, out – hold for a second, then in again, slowly.

Don’t huff and puff and hyperventilate, the idea is to breathe as little as necessary to maintain healthy levels of CO2 in the lungs.

What, you want CO2 in the lungs?

Yes, we need a certain level of CO2 to maintain blood pH levels. Often, getting too much oxygen will cause a feeling of breathlessness. The body has to shed bicarbonate to balance the pH, but the bicarbonate can’t permeate the blood-brain barrier and soft tissues of the body and hence can starve your brain leaving you feeling confused and panicky.

It also affects vascular tissues, and causes that sensation of wanting to poo, constantly feeling you’ve got both diarrhea and constipation. So relax…

In through your nose, out through your mouth – slowly. Make a sound like ‘Ummm’ or ‘Om’ if you’re spiritual, and allow your mind to focus on your breath. Do that for a few minutes a day, or just before a presentation, and your mind will be clearer, more alert, perpetually ready for blabbing about whatever it is you do.

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