Training and Workshops

These corporate workshops are scandalous, energetic, and deeply immersive. If you’re looking for a public workshop, check out the events section. Participants learn through actually doing, rather than excessive note taking and jaw-flapping. They’ll be pushed to find their limits and challenged; ensuring rapid, lasting, positive changes. They focus heavily on feedback between the participants, helping your organisation foster an environment of continuous development.

Workshops focus on:

  • The Voice: Breathing, posture, gesture and projection to build a solid, centred base on which you can construct complex and compelling ideas; and of course, how you sound; including enunciation, pitch, pace and tone.
  • The Words: Building rapport and getting in ‘flow’ with people. Listen for people’s motivators and speak directly to them in their language. Use metaphor and storytelling to make ideas accessible and persuasive.
  • The Style: Putting ‘you’ back into what you’re doing – letting your personality and sense of humour make your messages appealing and memorable.
The workshops are also heavily focused on feedback between the participants, and challenge them to become coaches in their own right. This allows companies to build working environments that sustain their employees continued learning and development.

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Previous workshop titles:

  • Presence and Persuasion 
  • Profile Raising
  • Presentation Brilliance
  • Flirting with Success
  • Presentation preparation
  • The Power of Voice
  • Creative Spark

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