You are an amazing organism

October 26, 2010 in Confidence, Raves by

You are.

Trillions of forms of thing have existed. Strange things, feathered things. Slimy things that make funny noises; scary things and small things. There’s been trees and moss, and creatures to nom them.

You are literally the dust of a million exploded stars.

For you to be there right now, so many things have happened in their perfect sequence just the way they were always going to, so many variables, events of chance, ideas, flirtations, kisses and Cadillac’s have happened in a special order…

How did we get here, to this point, rather than to another?

Perhaps a stupid question. But I still want to know.

Within our own world we are becoming rapidly more aware of how truly clueless we are. Have you heard of quarks? Strange quarks, up quarks and down quarks? What preceded the big bang? Why do platypus deserve poisonous spurs? If our sole purpose is to procreate, why is it so hard to find someone to root?

I dunno.

But it’s bloody fortunate that you’re here. It’s bloody fortunate that anything is here.

But you, specifically, your ability to read words, coupled with your desire to do so. That’s pretty clever. You read other people’s opinions, and consider them, even if you don’t agree with them. That’s commendable, many radicals are crippled by their inability to do that. Well done – you’re obviously a very talented person.

What do you want from the world? Really. Take a moment now.

Do you also want to know that it’s all going to be okay?

Well – it might be. You have a good chance to make that happen. Use your talents to have an impact on something. Save a species. Be nice to someone. Have sex with them. Eat a cabbage.

It’s incredibly strange that we’re here at all; you might as well enjoy it!